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Haiku for You

Happy happy day.   I am foot-loose and fancy free!  My foot is better!

I had a crappy test run on Sunday- limping afterwords and almost couldn’t even walk back to the car.  Went back to the Dr Monday feelin’ blue with not a lot of hope about the race.  Dr. reexamined me,  said it was a problem with my “cuboid”  bone- said it got all thrown outta wack by my fall and subsequent 12 miles overcompensating for my hurt left knee with my right foot.  Since I wasn’t any better, she sent me to rehab!  2 hour sessions later and I swear, I am SO much better!  Had a fantastic test run today, with only a little pain afterward and no limping!  Went back for more therapy today and feeling even better now.

The Dr. used a special manual therapy called the “Airrosti” method (Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries).  It’s a new form of therapy for musculoskeltal injuries that concentrates on the fascial tissues that surround nerves, bones, muscles.  When you’re injured, the muscles can heal themselves but the fascial tissues do not- they are a hard/plastic-y type of material that CAN be manipulated and healed through manual therapy only.  So, these Drs get in there- deep- and move all that crap around and can actually feel when the fascia is moved back into the right place.

So, anywho.  It hurts like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  Think- funny bone nerve pain combined with the hardest/deepest massage ever imaginable- for 30 minutes straight.  On an injured area.  OUCH.  I have bruises all over the treated area.  I think I actually cried a few times.  After that, they do a deep tissue ICE massage that also hurts like a bitch- same nerve-type feeling, for 10 minutes straight.  OUCH II  Then, they do different stretching exercises, etc.

But, holy crap.  It works.  After one treatment, I felt a HUGE difference.  They saved the marathon for me!  It was pricey but SO worth it (at this point, I was ready and willing to do/pay anything).  The Dr was telling me they treat UT sports players and he himself treated a b-ball player with a black and blue sprained ankle and within one week, he was playing games again (I guess badly sprained ankles can take up to 8 weeks to heal on their own).  AMAZING.  I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer.

Here’s a video about it:

If it’s good enough for Sinbad, it’s good enough for me.

And, here’s a haiku for you:

Airrosti rescue
Sinbad and I do agree!
Pain has gone away

And, here’s another haiku for you about my old as shit running shoes I’m wearing during the race (my Mizunos).  Have been running in them since April and have about 500 miles on them.  I officially retired them only to get a pair of Brooks that completely screwed my feet up, then onto another pair of newer Mizunos that haven’t been working out either.  I whipped the old, crappy, smelly ones out for my run today and they just felt “right”.  I’m totally wearing them Sunday.

My Mizuno love
Summer sweetly spent with you!
Never will I stray

Sinbad, out.

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