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What’s up, Speezle?

Interviewer= Shannon= “S”
Interviewee= Shannon= “Self”

S:  So, how’s life since the marathon?

Self:  Well, it’s good.  I miss running though.  I haven’t done a lick of running since the race and I feel fat and lethargic and just plain disgusting- my regular jeans feel like skinny jeans etc, etc….  I really didn’t do any running 3 weeks before the race because of my foot and then afterward, I was letting my foot and knee heal a bit then I got sick this week (ugg).

S:  Were you satisfied with your race?

Self:  Hell yeah, I was.  My time sucked, but I honestly am not dwelling on that -at all.  I’m honestly just glad I finished.  And, I had SUCH a great time.  It was a truly amazing experience and I can’t wait until the next race!  I will never forget the feeling I had after crossing that finish line.

S:  When will your next race be?

Self:  The spring, I hope!

S:  Are you crazy?

Self:  Yes.

S:  So, do you think the “post race blues” is a real phenomenon?

Self:  Well, it makes sense cheapest cialis online uk.  Sorta like the post-baby blues, post-wedding blues.  I spent a long time preparing for this race and now that it’s over, it’s really sad.  Plus, I miss my sister, bro-n-law and my Theo.  And, sweet, sweet Oregon.

S:  Are you going to change anything about your training routine for the next race?

Self:  Yep, gonna do hill and speed work and actually have a time goal for this one.

S:  Who do you want to thank for help with the PDX race?

Self:  Well, myself (:-)), my hubby, my dear Luci for being so damn cute, oh, and for being my inspiration; my Mom and Dad; Jami, Matt, Theo; Trent for helping with the training;  my Dr (s);  The Bad Brains for their support during mi 24-26 (and I hope no one thought I was insane for singing out-loud LOUDLY-I was kinda going nutz at that point; that cute guy who let me wear his warm-up jacket in the long line for the bathroom before the race; and everyone else who believed in me and gave me support along the way.  Oh, and that awesome shadow-boxer dude I blew past on mile 23.   He had me seriously laughing my ass off.

S:  Would you recommend the Portland Marathon as a good 1st marathon?

Self:  Hell YES.  They organized the crap outta that race, it was easy breezy (logistics-wise) with tons of crowd support, perfect weather, great route, just all around awesomeness.  And, my sis makes the best carbs west of the Mississippi, so you really can’t go wrong.

S:  What else is new?

Self:  Well, I’m getting ready to watch some damn South Carolina Gamecock football on the porch.

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