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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wow, hello, posting hiatus!  I guess life has gotten in the way.  Things have been so crazy- it seems like each week is crazier than the last!

I thought I’d do a quick post to profess my thanks for the incredible life I live!

I am soooooo thankful for:

  • My awesome husband, who can name a record just from the sound of the scratches before the 1st song even starts (!) and who loves his girls and takes the BEST care of us.
  • My beautiful sister, who is so smart and funny and caring.  And, my amazing brother-n-law who has such a wonderful and caring heart and spirit.  And, for my incredibly cute, incredibly smart nephew Theo, who just amazes me.
  • My amazing in-laws who are so kind and who are just incredible with their little Luci.
  • Aunt Linda and Uncle Terry and Cousin Heather- who are such an important part of my life.  And, Uncle Ed and Aunt Carol, and Aunt Ellen and Uncle Tom.  And all my other amazing relatives.  I really miss my family.
  • My grannie goo goo, or should i say great granny goo goo  I think Luci got some of her fiesty-ness from you!
  • All my friends whose love and support I literally could not live without.
  • My job- although it does drive me insane sometimes.
  • All the rights and privileges that come with living in the freest, richest, and most amazing country on the planet.  And,  the responsibility and duty that goes along with it (go health care reform).  As Luci would say:  “GO AMERICA”!!!!
  • All of the memories I have of my parents and my Gram.
  • My crazy busy but crazy fun life
  • Finally, I’m thankful for my Luci.  Equally parts feisty and oh-so sensitive and sweet.  She gives new meaning to my life.  I can’t even remember what life was without her, nor do I want to.  It’s ALL about the Luc.  She is my everything.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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