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“Han Hoo”!!!!

It seems like Luci has been making a ton of advances during the last few weeks. I’m not sure what’s going on, but she’s learning new “tricks” almost daily. It’s just so much damn fun. We’ve had the most fun with her over this long weekend. Makes me wish I was a stay at home mom. Like, really really bad.

Here’s an update on all the cutsie things she’s started in the last few weeks:

Twirling. She stands in the middle of the room and just goes round and round and round. Usually to music.

Dancing. She’s starting to dance by stomping her feet. She especially likes to dance to Dad’s harmonica playing (thanks, Iggy- we’ll buy you a new one soon!).

She’s started bringing us stuff. Like random stuff- things she finds around the house. Stuff from my shower, stuff from her toy box. Balloons. She obviously thinks we want/need this random stuff cuz when she hands it over, she has this huge, proud smile on her face, like: “Yes- I just KNEW you wanted this dirty pair of Daddy’s boxers and I just wanted to save you the trouble of getting up to get them yourself, yes, I’m so nice AND considerate!”. AND- she even takes the liberty of thanking herself on our behalf**, I’m assuming, to save us the trouble or extra effort.

**Saying “thank you”. Well, actually, it’s more like: “han hoo”. I taught her this one. She says it ALL the time. But mostly when she drops something and you pick it up for her. Or, when she brings you something, like said dirty boxers or stinky shoes, or some random piece of dirt she found on the floor.

She knows her nose!!!!! I just taught it to her yesterday, like a 1.5 minute lesson while changing her diaper. I didn’t think she was really absorbing anything but then today when we were playing peek-a-boo, I said something like “oh, there’s Luci- I KNOW you!!!!!”. She grabbed her nose (ya know, “know”- “nose”). Well, so I tested her over and over today and yep, she knows her nose alright! The next is “ear”.

Singing- she started this a while ago but lately, she’s really been trying to fine-tune her skills. Her favorite is the Annie soundtrack. And, I can tell you that nothing brightens up my day like walking in on my punk rock husband entertaining her with a full-on production of an Annie Broadway routine- high notes, high-kicks, jazz-hands and all. It’s pretty awesome.

She’s lovin the animals. We took her to the Austin zoo this weekend with friends Amy, Ashely Izzy, Sandy and Daniel, and she about went ape-shit when we first got there…. just squealing with delight. She’s mesmerized by animals. She does call them all “dog-dog”, but we’re working on that. And, speaking of ape-shit, those monkeys were stinkin’ it up pretty bad there at the ol zoo.

She’s learned to lock the dogs in their cage. She kinda terrorizes them. Corrals them to the cage, locks the door and walks away laughing. They kinda hate her right now.

She knows the moon! I think she learned this one at school because a teacher reported one day that a few of the other girls were pointing to the moon in the sky and saying “moon” and she caught Luci copying them. Well, now, all we have to do is point at the moon in the sky and she says “moooo”. So. Cute.

She’s helping us dress her. She hands us the socks when it’s time for socks. She puts her arm out when she sees I’ve grabbed her jacket. She lifts her legs up for the pants. Again, So. Cute.

Oh- she knows the word “GO”. I think sometimes, when she’s bored in the house, she’ll try to give us hints by saying “Goooooo” and walking and standing by the door.

She totally memorizes books! Especially this one book, my favorite so far, called “Tiptoe”. There is a page where Tiptoe is beating on his drum, “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” and, I swear to goodness, every single time, on the page BEFORE the “Boom” page, she starts going “Boom, Boom, Boom”! I love it! She’s been doing this one for a while now, it never gets old.

Now, if she’d only stop taking half-eaten food out of her mouth just to play with it for a few seconds just so she can put it right back in to finish….. And if she’d just stop throwing food and poking strangers in restaurants…… we’d be all set! And, also, it’d be really great if she’d stop giving herself meatloaf facials.

Seriously- Craig and I are having so much freakin fun! The time of our lives!

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