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Date Night, New Blog and Luci is a tird- help!

Date nights are AWESOME.  We hadn’t been on one in a long, long, long time.  We have been out, have gotten a babysitter and all that, but we’ve gone to weddings, have had friends in town, etc etc, so we haven’t actually been on a “date-date” in prolly 4+ months?

So, I redesigned my blog!  It’s kinda fancy but I like it.  I was bored with the other design so there ya go…. hope you like it.

And yes, I said it.  Luci is a tird (!)!  Help!   She has the good ol’ Spiesman temper, that’s for sure.  She probably gives us 3-5 ish tantrums a day now.  Anything can set her off.  And, it takes a while for her to calm herself down.  Don’t get me wrong, when she’s not tantrum-ing, she’s the sweetest little girl  But, lordy, we don’t know how to handle them.  And, she whines all the time and is soooo impatient (huh, wonder where she got that from??).  Any pointers will be much appreciated!  It seems the “terrible 2’s” have started early.  And, I’m kinda scared because everyone says the 3’s are much worse.  Good Lord, I hope not!

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