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Why?  That’s the big question of the day (picture hubby Craig’s monumental eye roll and look of complete mystification).  Why would I decide to do a blog?   I don’t necessarily think I have any mind-blowing epiphanies about life to espouse, nor do I feel like I have anything really all that interesting to share with the masses, for that matter.   The answer is really quite simple- to have fun.  To have a bit of fun and to do something for me.

After you have a baby, your entire world is upended.  I never imagined how much it could change your life.  Obviously, entirely for the better- I have not one complaint.  I’m having the time of my life, literally-I have never been this happy.  I can see, however, how a lot of mom’s out there can easily slip into a cycle of “self-neglect”.  You give everything you have to your new baby, while simultaneously making sure you save enough “of you” to dedicate to keeping your marriage going strong.  The leftovers, I’m afraid, in my case, are dedicated to my job (poor UT!).  What this means is that it doesn’t leave much of anything for me.  This is one of the reasons I’ve gotten back into running.  I missed it so much during my pregnancy that I vowed to get back to it as soon as I [comfortably] could post-baby.  It is the only time I truly feel like I’m doing something for myself.

During the past few months, I’ve given up my Myspace account and have dedicated everything to my shiny, new Facebook account.  (Well in all actuality, Myspace hasn’t been “doing it” for me for a long, long time- I don’t think I’ve actively checked that thing for years now).  I’ve gotten used to checking my Facebook on a daily basis to see what everyone is up to and to take care of what I call my “periodic Facebook Fitz” where I go crazy posting about the going-ons in my life.  What I soon realized is that I had the desire to post A LOT more about my life than most people on Facebook would want to read about.   Sure, people sign up on Facebook to keep in touch with friends, to learn about what’s going on in their lives, etc.  However, through the format of Facebook, the user is at the mercy of all of their “friends” postings- some they may be very interested in knowing, but some, no doubt, they may care less about.  I’ve had a few of those “Facebook Hangovers” where I wake up the next morning, mortified, running to the computer to see if I really did post that I “love Smurfs” for all my Facebook “friends” (keep in mind, that includes coworkers, “clients”/students, professors- o crap!!) to see.  (Sure’nuff, that really happened!).

So, I figured starting my own blog would rid me of those morning-after posting “hangovers”.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not counting on not being embarrassed by some of my posts-I’m pretty sure I will embarrass the hell outta myself.  But at least I’m not shoving my embarrassing antics down the throats of people who may just not give a crap-for if you’re reading my blog, it is by invitation, by choice and ultimately at your own risk!  :-)

The other reason I want to do a blog is for my daughter.  When my nephew was born, my sister started a daily journal about her new adventures in motherhood.  I had great plans for that.  Unfortunately, I guess it’s just not me.  I’m hoping that blogging can take the place of a daily hand-written journal.  I plan to somehow make a “scrapbook” of sorts, with all my blog postings for Luci to read when she gets older (although by that time, I’m sure she’ll have plenty more  evidence of my complete and utter dorkiness to last her entire lifetime).

The reason I think I’d be more prone to blogging than journaling is that I really wanted to learn a bit about web development and social networking.  I think this will help me understand the developers and communications staff at work and will help me “feel their pain” and better understand where they’re coming from.  This comment instigated another monumental eye roll from my husband because of course, what I am learning from this process is 1/100 of what real web developers have to go through.  But, even though what I’ve done so far to get this website up and running is MUCH easier than what they do, it’s still pretty painful to get even the seemingly simplest of tasks done.  Like-why. can’t. I. get. the. header photo. to span the same. width.  for all browsers/screens???  ARGH! Tons of multi-step and tedious processes-I’ve learned a lot already, I’m happy to report!

Finally, I have been wanting to do a blog for a very long time.  I remember my 1st ever conversation about blogging- it was one Christmas break while home from college, at the “Down Under” bar in Geneva, Ohio.  I was talking to my high school friend, Rick, who was telling me about his new blog, reporting on his travels to South America.  I’ve been highly intrigued ever since.  I just never felt I had much to say.  Nowadays, though, “everyone’s doing it”, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Actually, remember when they used to say that every girl goes through a photography stage?  Maybe now, the blogs are the new cameras……..

While I don’t know how it’s going to shape up, a few things I can promise:

  • It’ll be silly
  • I’ll embarrass myself
  • I’m gonna let it all out and post what I want- I’m not going to “tailor” my posts to the readers (be it coworkers, in-laws, etc).  Again, I know I will be embarrassing myself- o well!
  • Probably won’t be a whole lotta substance
  • There WILL be grammatical errors
  • All posts won’t be this long- Geez.  I guess it was Craig’s multiple eye-rolls that made me feel I had to defend myself on why I wanted to do this.  Got pretty long-winded as per usual-comes with my complete inability to self-edit.
  • Plenty of poop talk

So, come back and read-on if you want!!!!!!  There will be plenty of Luci photos and updates so if nothing else, come back for that!


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  1. cheryl

    i love you, shannie – this is the reason – b/c you are just YOU! i can’t wait to read more and more!

    04/28/2009 at 8:28 AM

  2. Peg

    Ditto Cheryl’s comment

    05/19/2009 at 4:57 PM

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