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Austin Goodness

I thought it might be nice to do a page on my favorite Austin establishments in case anyone out there on the interweb is reading this and is interested.  I’ll keep updating it whenever I feel inspired.

Best Coffee Shops:
Emerald City Press: I love this place.  Great location.  Great lattes.  TacoDeli breakfast tacos (yum).  Overall cool space.  AND, a drive-through!  One of the best spots in town.

Rio Rita– great place for a latte and a LoneStar with a friend.

Best Bars:
I don’t get out to bars much anymore.  The bars I go to now are mostly the kind that are also places to grab a snack/meal and ok to go to during a nice spring day with baby in-tote. No judgment.
Hotel San Jose-
My all-time favorite place to hang out in Austin, hands-down.  Totally chill and relaxing.  Ultra modern and organic at the same time.  My dream house would be based on this place.  Love it.  Good drinks and a bad-ass cheese board, too.

La Condesa- I’ve only been here once but I loved it.  And, I drive by every single night after work on my way home and make some sort of whiny remark on how I would love to be one of the lucky, cool people sitting out on the patio with a plate of chips-n-salsa and a nice, cold drink.  To the point where Craig can now predict my whiny-ess about a block before we pass it.  I hope to get back there one day soon.

Yummy Food:
WAY too many to mention. I will add to this list.  Right now, I’m in a hurry so will list the first two that pop into my mind.

Restaurant Jezebel– Seriously good eats.  Special occasion type of place but OMG- took Craig there for his birthday a while back and ordered the off the Prix Fixe menu-seriously one of the best meals I’ve had in my entire life.  The flavors in simple dishes (like risotto) were outrageous.

South Austin Trailer Park Eatery– Shuggies cheeseburgers- one of best in town.  Torchy’s tacos- peeps go here to marvel at the fried avacado taco.  They even have fried bacon tacos.  Need I say more?

Best tacos:
Zocala The Tacos Del Barrio with ground turkey.  Holy Crap- great stuff.  Really fresh ingredients.  Yummy.

Best Mexican Martini’s:
Vivo’sGreat mex marts, good salsa and good food- my fav is the Chile Enchilada.

Best Margaritas:
Gueros– fantastic rita.  Some great food, too.

Curra’sThe El Don. Also, one of my favorite meals in all of Austin-Cochinita Pibil- a sweet and savory shredded pork dish, OMG-delish.

Best Salsa:
El Chile- Best salsa I’ve ever had- I could drink it.  Also, great food, drinks and atmosphere.

Best running:
Town Lake Trail (Lady Bird Lake)
: My love for the trail started way back in the year 2001 when Craig proposed to me at the “Lou Neff Point” gazebo on the trail.  I’ve missed very few weeks out there, on the whole, since I’ve been in Austin.  Well, I guess I didn’t go as often as I should have when I was pregnant, but started it back up again about 6 weeks after Luci was born.  Luci loves checkin’ out the trees and birds, dogs and various freaks (like the woman who walks her minature horses or the crazy-fast speed walkin’ dude who ALWAYS wears those Texas flag jogging shorts and has almost a handle-bar mustache and sunglasses.  He’s the fastest speedwalker I’ve ever seen-even faster than Craig and that’s saying something).  There’s always something fun to see on the trail!  For our 6th anniversary, I donated to the Trail Foundation and got Craig a brick at “Lou Neff Point”- it says “Craig, Shannon and Luci Chapman”.  Yes, very sweet of me

Best Place to get your hair-did:
Bird’s Barbershop:
my gal pal Stacy Pridham cuts a serious head of hair.  She’s been cuttin’ mine for a few years now and I’ve never ever had a bad cut.  Love my Stacy.  If she moves to Philly, I will hunt her down and kick her ass.  Check out their website- gotta be one of the coolest sites I’ve ever seen.  $20 cut and free LoneStar!?  My kinda place!

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  1. cheryl

    you make me want to go to austin for a visit sooooo badly!! i just wish you were like 2 hours drive away!!!

    04/28/2009 at 8:20 AM

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